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Roma Appia Run

On Sunday 21 April, the Roma Appia Run, one of the most fascinating races in Capitoline running, awaits you at the starting line at 9.00 a.m. from Viale delle Terme di Caracalla to finish at the Stadio Nando Martellini.

Now in its 25th edition, the Roma Appia Run will celebrate its silver anniversary with the Italian Capital, on the very day of Rome's birthday.

The Roma Appia Run owes its popularity not only to one of the world's most enthralling tracks, winding its way through the most fascinating wonders of Rome, but also to the fact that it is the only race in the world to be run on five different surfaces, a unique record that no one else in the world can boast: asphalt, cobblestones, lava paving, the unpaved track of the Parco della Caffarella and, finally, the circuit of the Baths of Caracalla stadium.

The Roma Appia Run proposes a total of four races, each aimed at a specific target group:

  • the Competitive 13 km, for athletes ready to tackle the difficult race with the aim of achieving a great time and improving on their previous year's performance - reserved for FIDAL members, CONI-recognised Sports Promotion Bodies and RUN CARD holders, provided they are in compliance with the regulations on health protection in sporting activities;
  • the non-competitive 13 km, for ambitious enthusiasts who are not so concerned with chronometric results and are therefore more inclined to a day of open-air sport - open to all;
  • the 5 km, on a shorter route for those who just want an unforgettable walk through the heart of Rome's history - open to all;
  • the Fulmine dell'Appia (Lightning of the Appian Way), scheduled for Saturday 20 April and dedicated to children.

Chilometro 42

This year, the event reserves for its members the exceptional opportunity - by free invitation - to participate in the viewing of Chilometro 42, a play that recounts the milestones in the life of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman in history to ever run a marathon. The pièce is accompanied by live music by Munendo, the artist whose musical production combines electronic and classical instruments, 60s and ultra-contemporary sounds. The story of this extraordinary personage initiates a reflection on central themes such as inclusion, recognition and equal rights, and the race becomes a pretext to search for one's own identity through cracks, crises and ruptures.

Appointment Tuesday 26 March, 9 p.m., at Teatro Cometa Off, via Luca della Robbia 47, Rome. Reservations are compulsory.

Fulmine dell'Appia

One of the moments that children look forward to all year round is the Fulmine dell'Appia, the race that invites them to prove who is the fastest. In past editions, around 1,000 young athletes have competed in the feat, confirming that the organising committee's intuition to devise such a small event has proved successful.

On Saturday, 20 April, the eve of the Roma Appia Run, the batteries of the Fulmine dell'Appia will start, with trials over distances from 30 to 100 metres open to all children and young people from 2 to 17 years of age.

The Roma Appia Run is organised by ACSI with the collaboration of ACSI Italia Atletica, ASD Roma Appia Run and ACSI Campidoglio, with the patronage of the Ministero dello Sport, the Regione Lazio, Roma Capitale, CONI, "Sport e Salute", and the Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica, Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica, and is held under the aegis of Fidal.

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desde 20 Abril 2024 hasta 21 Abril 2024
POINT (12.4952115 41.8792066)
Mobile phone: 
349 5345663
06 68100037
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Web site:

Domenica 21 aprile 2024
Roma Appia Run
Ore 8.00 - Ritrovo presso lo Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla
Ore 9.00 - Partenza della prova non competitiva di 5 km
Ore 9.30 - Partenza delle prove competitiva e non competitiva di 13 km

Sabato 20 aprile 2024
Fulmine dell'Appia, prove di velocità per i bambini
Ore 10.00

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Roma Appia Run, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
41° 52' 45.1452" N, 12° 29' 42.7632" E

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