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Dal Futurismo all'Arte Virtuale

Dal Futurismo all'Arte Virtuale

More than a hundred works recount the great revolutionary art of the 20th century that, in a dreamlike setting, dialogues with contemporary immersive and digital installations. Thanks to their innovative charge, new technologies are revolutionising the world of art and life, profoundly affecting our perception of reality.

One year after its inauguration, La Vaccheria celebrates this important anniversary by presenting Dal Futurismo all'Arte Virtuale (From Futurism to Virtual Art) to the public, with works from two private collections and collections from the Rosini Gutman Collection.

On display are the masterpieces of some of the great artists of the 20th century, along a path that goes from the most recognised avant-gardes to the present day. From Balla to Calder, from Modigliani to Duchamp, from Burri to Rauschenberg, passing through DalìManzoniFontanaBoettiKleinLiechtensteinVasarelyBeuysWarholNiki de Sainte Phallede Chirico and many others.

Dal Futurismo all'Arte Virtuale retraces the main stages of last-century artistic innovation through the originality of some of its major artists, different but united by the same ability to anticipate the future and an innate propensity for change.

Four differentiated and themed 'capsules,' InfinityAvantgardPop, and Metafisica, place the visitor at the centre of the artistic experience for a greater emotional and immersive impact. Digital incursions, sound design, and unprecedented contemporary settings dialogue with a conventional art exhibition to demonstrate and confirm that today's meaningful themes have their roots in the 20th century, especially in the relationship between art and science, and how new digital innovations, right up to the use of AI in creative processes, pose continuous questions and food for thought.

With free admission, the exhibition is realised by Municipality IX with the support of Roma Capitale and the collaboration of Zètema Progetto Cultura. The organisational coordination is by Gianfranco Rosini for IconArs srl. The production of the artistic settings is by Kifitalia.


desde 9 Septiembre 2023 hasta 30 Marzo 2024
POINT (12.45772108886 41.814034397883)
066961221 (Municipio IX)
Web site: 
Web site: 

From 9 September 2023 to 14 January 2024 - Extended until 31 March 2024

From Tuesday to Thursday - 9 am-1 pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 9 am-7 pm
Closed on Mondays

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Dal Futurismo all'Arte Virtuale, Via Giovanni l'Eltore, 35 / 37
Via Giovanni l'Eltore, 35 / 37
41° 48' 50.5224" N, 12° 27' 27.7956" E

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