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Mare fuori - Il Musical

Mare fuori, Ufficio Stampa Teatro Brancaccio, dettaglio locandina

The Teatro Brancaccio hosts the highly anticipated musical directed by Alessandro Siani, inspired by one of the best-loved television series of recent years.

Produced by Best Live, the show, signed by Maurizio Careddu and Cristina Farina, scriptwriters of the Rai-Picomedia fiction, tells the story of a group of youngsters in the youth detention centre of Nisida having to deal with their wrong choices, unexpected events, broken families, and gang fights. 

On stage is an extraordinary cast, including some of the stars of the cult series, such as Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci), Enrico Tijani (Dobermann), Antonio Orefice (Totò), Giuseppe Pirozzi (Micciarella), Antonio D'Aquino (Milos), Carmen Pommella (the guard Nunzia), and the singer-songwriter Andrea Sannino, in the central role of the educator. The protagonists, accompanied by the TV series' original soundtrack, bring to the stage the pain, friendship, love, brotherhood, mistakes and desire for redemption of the young people who, behind bars, look at the sea outside ("Mare Fuori").

The program could undergo changes

Image: Teatro Brancaccio Press Office


desde 1 Marzo 2024 hasta 10 Marzo 2024
POINT (12.500957 41.893716)
Online purchase:
06 80687231
Web site:

Dal 1° al 10 marzo 2024

venerdì e sabato ore 20.45
domenica ore 17.00

Giorni di chiusura 
Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves
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Mare fuori - Il Musical, Via Merulana, 244
Via Merulana, 244
41° 53' 37.3776" N, 12° 30' 3.4452" E

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