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Museums at Work . Michelagnolo's love and effort together. The casts of the three Pietà

Museums at Work  L’amor di Michelagnolo e la fatica insieme I calchi delle tre Pietà-Foto: sito ufficiale turismoroma

The Vatican Museums, in the setting up at the entrance to the Pinacoteca, dedicate this exhibition to Michelangelo's three Pietà, through the plaster casts made between the 19th and 20th centuries of his Pietà: Vaticana, Bandini and Rondanini.

Thanks to the loan from the Gipsoteca of the Liceo Artistico di Porta Romana in Florence, and to the two artefacts from the collections of the Vatican Museums, the three Michelangelo casts are thus presented together in this third and final Vatican edition of the exhibition which, during 2022, was presented first at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Florence and then at the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

On display until January, the three works allow us to study the evolution of Michelangelo's art, as well as his spiritual journey, from his early youth - when in Rome, in his early twenties, he created the Pietà Vaticana for the ancient San Pietro which is located in the north aisle of the Basilica – to the full maturity expressed in the Pietà Bandini in Florence, up to his last season, when, now elderly, he sculpted the Pietà Rondanini in the Castello Sforzesco.

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desde 30 Marzo 2023 hasta 6 Enero 2024
POINT (12.453317 41.906949)
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Dal 30 marzo 2023 al 6 gennaio 2024 presso la Pinacoteca Vaticana, Musei Vaticani
L'orario segue quello ufficiale dei Musei Vaticani

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Museums at Work L’amor di Michelagnolo e la fatica insieme I calchi delle tre Pietà, Viale Vaticano, 100
Viale Vaticano, 100
41° 54' 25.0164" N, 12° 27' 11.9412" E

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