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Grande Anima, the installation lighting up Fiumicino airport

desde 22 Febrero 2023 hasta 31 Agosto 2023

The giant skeleton of a whale, illuminated inside by lamps from all over the world, to raise public awareness on environmental issues such as saving water and recovering plastic, the main causes of pollution of the seas, through art and culture. This is the goal of the contemporary artwork that Leonardo da Vinci passengers have been able to admire since the end of January in the boarding area A of Terminal 1 of the airport, which for years has been careful to include the principles of sustainability in its business.

Created by artist Marcantonio, Grande Anima (Big Soul) is an impressive and striking installation with a strong visual impact. The lights that illuminate it represent the still burning soul of the whale, making it live and fly, while inviting us to reflect on the fragility of the world we live in, the need to adopt behaviors that safeguard the beauty of nature, and the relationship that binds humanity to the other species that inhabit our planet.

The initiative is supported by One Ocean Foundation, a non-profit foundation working internationally to safeguard the oceans; ASVIS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, and Cultura Italiae, the association whose primary purpose is to disseminate and promote projects, concrete actions and good practices aimed at supporting the world of culture and stimulating an ethical, social and economic development. Cultura Italiae, among others, also oversaw the selection of the work for the criteria of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Through the special QR code placed on the panels around the installation, travelers will be able to listen, via podcast, to the story “Grande Anima - La balena di Fiumicino”, which tells the story of the grey whale that arrived in 2021 off the coast of Fiumicino after various stops, including the Gulf of Naples and Anzio.

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