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The Quirino in the Gallery

Il Quirino in Galleria-Foto: sito ufficiale del Teatro Quirino

The wonderful Galleria Sciarra reopens for the the The Quirino in the Gallery kermesse, with live shows and good food, thanks to the patronage of ANAC and the City of Rome Department of Culture.

This year the program offers meetings on the protection of the rights of refugees from all wars and peoples subjected to totalitarian regimes with the partecipation of journalists, intellectuals, scholars and protagonists of the civil debate.

Every Friday evening from 9.00 pm to midnight and every show day starting from 11.30 am, visitors have the opportunity to visit the Sciarra Gallery accompanied by qualified personnel, so that they can admire the architectural beauty of this liberty jewel and its frescoes, through a path that illustrates its history. Guided tours are accompanied by tango performances performed by specialized masters. In addition, all entertainment events are preceded by the intervention of an authorized tour guide illustrating the Gallery with a brief presentation.

Among the live performances we highlight: the concert of the Francesco Centarrì Quintet with Riccardo Grosso (double bass), Alessandro Borgia (drums), Maurizio Diara (guitar), Vincenzo Indovino (piano) and Francesco Centarrì (vocals); the concert and prose Jannacci & surroundings with Max Paiella, Simone Colombari and Flavio Cangialosi; the Jumpin'up swing concert with Tony Marino (vocals) Giuseppe Montalbano (guitar) Peppe Falzone (drums) Andrea Di Fiore (double bass) Carmelo Sacco (tenor sax) Michele Mazzola (baritone sax) Nicola Genualdi (trumpet) Giuseppe Vasapolli (piano).

Photo credits: courtesy of Quirino Theatre official site


desde 4 Junio 2022 hasta 1 Octubre 2022
POINT (12.4819496 41.9000437)
POINT (12.4822199 41.8994713)
ANGOLO SCIARRA 06 69424621
Web site:

4 giugno 2022 ore 20.00 - GREG & THE FOUR FRESHMEN
11 giugno 2022 ore 20.00 - ‘NA SERA PE’ ROMA
18 giugno 2022 ore 20.00 - DOMANI SI RECITAL
25 giugno 2022 ore 20.00 - ERMINIO SINNI IN CONCERTO
2 luglio 2022 ore 20.00 - METTI UNA SERA… AL CINEMA
9 luglio 2022 ore 20.00 - NOSTALGIA DI CALIFANO
3 settembre 2022 ore 20.00 - FRANCESCO CENTARRÌ QUINTET
10 settembre 2022 ore 20.00 - JANNACCI & DINTORNI
17 settembre 2022 ore 20.00 - “ARIA” DI GALLERIA
24 settembre 2022 ore 20.00 - PIANOBOOK POUR MIA
1 ottobre 2022 ore 20.00 - JUMPIN’ UP

Il programma potrebbe subire variazioni

Ogni venerdì sera dalle 21.00 fino alle 24.00
e ogni giorno di spettacolo a partire dalle ore 11.30

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Il Quirino in Galleria, Via Marco Minghetti
Via Marco Minghetti
41° 54' 0.1584" N, 12° 28' 55.02" E
Il Quirino in Galleria, Piazza dell'Oratorio
Piazza dell'Oratorio
41° 53' 58.0956" N, 12° 28' 55.992" E

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