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Cityscapes, Rome’s digital museum of memory

desde 1 Febrero 2022 hasta 1 Febrero 2023

A permanent and interactive digital platform to “collect memories” or simply tell ourselves and the city we live in, revealing its colorful face. Created by the artist Valeriana Berchicci and curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini of the CAP - Cities Art Projects association, the Cityscapes project starts from the work carried out in the districts of Torpignattara, Tor Bella Monaca, Corviale and Trullo, with an additional stop at the Academy of Fine Arts in the historic center of Rome. After an initial phase of exploration and knowledge of the territories, the artist installed a wooden newsstand in each neighborhood, to be used as a place to listen to and record data, information and testimonies of the inhabitants.

The result is an open-air real museum, inspired by André Malraux’s imaginary museum but brought to life and made even more open and fluid through the use of voice, which involves and send the public into a potentially infinite universe of imagination. On the platform, users can not only listen to the residents’ vocal memories linked to a specific place but also contribute to amplify this collection by uploading an audio content that highlights a different and heterogeneous story of the city. The project won the “Lazio Contemporaneo 2020”call of the Lazio Region.

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