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Li-Fi project and the reopening of the Casa Romana in the underground of the Museum

From the 6th January at the Baracco Museum, antiques meet innovative and sustainable with the new "Li-Fi" project. To mark the occasion, the Roman house in the museum's basement will be reopened to the public. An experimental visit, guided by lighting, to explore the works in the museum collection and rediscover the archaeological site in the basement.

There are two new features at the Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco.
Starting on 6 January, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a selection of works from the permanent collection through the innovative experience offered by the Li-Fi project, a visit using wireless technology.
The project is one of the 43 winners - out of 126 participants - of the "L'impresa fa Cultura" tender launched by the Lazio Region to promote Lazio's cultural heritage through the use of new technologies.

The Museo Barracco is one of the first museums in the world to be equipped with the Li-Fi system, which stands for Light Fidelity.
This is one of the most modern and innovative communication mechanisms that allows information and images to be transmitted in wireless mode, through the use of lighting modulation, from special LED spotlights (transmitters) to visitors' mobile devices equipped with cameras (receivers).
In order to use the multimedia contents, compared to the ordinary visit, it is sufficient to download the appropriate App ("LiFi Zone") and place the smartphone or tablet under the light of the Li-Fi spotlight.
A solution created with attention to 'non-traditional' modes of use: there is in fact a dual mode of use, both for the sighted and the blind (or visually impaired), thanks to the use of audio tracks created from the textual content.

The technology can be tested at the Barracco Museum until December 31, 2022, with the possibility of extension.

The experimentation involves a selection of 14 points of interest, 9 of which in the rooms on the ground and first floors and 5 in the so-called Casa romana, whose main documented structures date back to the 4th century AD and are located in the basement of the museum, which reopens to the public for this occasion after being closed for over 20 years.
The discovery of the remains in the basement of the Barracco Museum is fortuitous and dates back to 1899, during the partial demolition of the Renaissance building, which has housed the Museum since 1948, carried out for the opening of the new Corso Vittorio Emanuele thoroughfare.
The Domus, which has not been open to the public since 2000, is open on Saturdays and Sundays only until December 31.

The temporary reopening of the Domus, linked to the experiment, is only the first step of a wider and more complex project to enhance the site.


desde 6 Enero 2022 hasta 31 Diciembre 2022
POINT (12.4726957 41.8968368)
POINT (12.4725106 41.896845)
Web site:

From 6 January to 20 February 2022 EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2022

Li-Fi project in the museum, from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-16.00 (last entrance half an hour before closing), closed on Mondays. App "LiFi Zone"

Special opening of the Casa Romana until December 31, 2022 on Saturdays and Sundays only + 8 December 2022
Admission for groups (max. 15+1 guide) is permitted only with compulsory reservation at 060608 daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
Reservation recommended for individual visitors.
In case of adverse weather conditions, access to the site in the basement will not be possible for safety reasons

Before planning the visit, CONSULT THE NOTICES

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Progetto Li-Fi e riapertura della Casa romana nei sotterranei, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 166a
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 166a
41° 53' 48.6132" N, 12° 28' 21.7056" E
Progetto Li-Fi e riapertura della Casa romana nei sotterranei, Vicolo dell'Aquila
Vicolo dell'Aquila
41° 53' 48.642" N, 12° 28' 21.0396" E

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