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Enit signs the Italy country value undertaking

desde 22 Diciembre 2020 hasta 31 Marzo 2021

The Ministro per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e per il Turismo, Dario Franceschini, together with the Director of the Agenzia del Demanio, Antonio Agostini, the President of Enit - Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo, Giorgio Palmucci, and the CEO of Difesa Servizi Spa, Fausto Recchia, have signed an agreement for the enhancement of public heritage and sustainable tourism.

The understanding seals a strong collaboration indicating the roadmap to develop, under the Valore Paese Italia brand, a common program of new network initiatives on public buildings. It also increases the tourist-cultural offer of the country through the conception and the creation of national circuits that can use new management models and new forms of public-private partnership.

The initiative dedicated to the enhancement of public real estate assets by combining tourism, culture, art, environment, and landscape, soft mobility, and territorial identity, Valore Paese Italia, aims at structuring an increasingly solid and enlarged network that can promote and support regeneration and development, systematizing joint work and synergy between public and private partners.

A very heartfelt and participatory sharing emerged from the meeting, such as the strategic importance of an initiative that is increasingly configured as a national project which, through various thematic strands, puts public goods, therefore common goods, at the center of a new economic model.

Slow tourism, soft mobility, which in our country has an enormous potential and is strongly connected to our cultural, religious, historical and landscape heritage, are themes that fit into a new way of understanding well-being, recalling expressions of sociality, and economic initiative more balanced, more respectful of the environment, more attentive to our true needs.

The enhancement of public heritage assets will allow to implement widespread tourism and facilitate access to lesser-known destinations where there is no receptivity, even of small dimensions, by promoting forms of partnership. A public/private model of collaboration will be an incentive to increase users' interest in new forms of cultural and tourist experience and economic value so far poorly explored. Each country has its own history and culture, the Italian way of life and Made in Italy are the peculiarity of this country, which is unique and first in the world with 55 Unesco sites.

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