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The Oasis of Porto (Fiumicino)

Oasi di Porto (Fiumicino) Foto sito ufficiale

The Oasis of Porto is located at the mouth of the Tiber, near Fiumicino and extends around the ancient Port of Trajan, built in the 2nd century AD. on the pre-existing Port of Claudio.

The area, equipped with warehouses, a dock and public buildings, was fundamental for the supplies of Imperial Rome. Invaded several times by the waters, in the medieval period it became unhealthy due to the presence of malarial marshes. The interventions by Pontiffs Pius II and Sixtus IV were not sufficient for the rehabilitation, and the area was reclaimed only in the nineteenth century when it became the property of Prince Alexander of Torlonia.

Today the lake basin, artificially fed by the Tiber, in addition to being a site of historical and archaeological relevance, has great importance from a naturalistic point of view. The Oasis is a privileged point to observe the approximately 130 species of migratory aquatic birds, including ducks, grebes, black-winged stilts, gray herons, coots, cormorants, gulls and sea swallows.

The fish fauna is also very varied with specimens of sturgeon, perch, pike, eel, mullet, catfish, carp, and the flora with oaks, plane trees, pines, ash trees, holm oaks and eucalyptus.





L'oasi è aperta al pubblico il giovedì e la domenica dalle 10.00 alle 16.00 (ultima entrata alle 14.00) dalla metà di ottobre alla metà di giugno senza bisogno di prenotare.
Per gruppi superiori a 10 persone è richiesta la prenotazione

Info e prenotazioni: Segreteria del Consorzio Oasi di Porto 06 5880880 (dal lunedì al giovedi)
Web site: 
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