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DiSguido - CinéMagique

DiSguido - CinéMagique-Foto: sito ufficiale del Teatro Olimpico

A perfect agreement between cinema and magic is what we find in the CinéMagique show by DiSguido, a duo formed by Isabella Zanivan and Guido Marini, where the Seventh Art becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a unique and original experience, a visionary, phantasmagoric show, full of emotions and twists.

100 minutes in which the duo of artists manages to blend together illusionism, magic, transformism, dance, mime, fantasies, acrobatics, shadows, mentalism, music and cabaret. The show proceeds with a succession of allegorical and metaphorical paintings, which are linked to the vast cinematic universe in which characters, soundtracks and quotes tell the evolution of man.

On stage, in addition to the two great artists, there are special guests such as the soprano Rosaria Angotti, the Cinemagic Orchestra, an extravagant musical ensemble performing the soundtrack of the show and, last but not least, the extraordinary participation of the great magician Silvan.

Guido Marini and Isabella Zanivan are a duo on stage and in life: award-winning both nationally and internationally, in 2013 they won the Mandrake d'Or, the Oscar of French Magic. In 2018 they represented Italy for the second time at the World Magic Championships in Korea and in 2020 they won first prize at the International Forum of Magicians in St. Petersburg. Millions of spectators cheered their extraordinary performances in 48 different countries around the world.

Photo credits: courtesy of Olimpico Theatre official site


depuis 16 Novembre 2022 à 20 Novembre 2022
POINT (12.4617278 41.9265146)
Online purchase: 
Web site: 

Dal 16 al 20 novembre 2022

Dal mercoledì al sabato ore 20.30
Domenica ore 16.00 e ore 20.30

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DiSguido - CinéMagique, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 17
Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 17
41° 55' 35.454" N, 12° 27' 42.2208" E

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