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Volontà di Ferro

Volontà di ferro n.11 prova di autore - Cristiano e Patrizio Alviti

A very original formula, which involves, sensitizes and intrigues the wider public: the idea is to transform the city of Rome into an immense exhibition venue, creating an exhibition open to everyone, thanks to the unusual and ingenious use of spaces dedicated to advertising posters; a way to bring art into everyone's everyday life, in an unprecedented way, through the channels usually dedicated to commercial use.

This year, Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, relevant and active artists in the Capital, produced numerous works - including monotype engravings, artists' proofs and plates - realised during this forced isolation that each of us experienced.  The two artists thought about an innovative way to allow them to get in touch with the largest number of "visitors", overcoming any possible obstacle due to the current health situation.

The Alviti reproduced their works on the street advertising posters - a different artwork with the related caption for each billboard - giving life to an exhibition in 100 open spaces in the city. The 100 works create an impressive exhibition path that involves Rome and make it an extensive art gallery.

The choice of locations was evaluated based on strategic areas, traffic conditions and the involvement of the suburbs, and communicated through a special map. The map is available for download on the official website, and it contains the artworks, the in-depth information and how to get an appointment in the Atelier to be able to see them live.

"Volontà di ferro" (Iron will) wants to offer a new way of enjoying and experiencing art, as an essential component of everyday life and not as something detached and distant. The initiative, curated by Werner Bortolotti, represents the diary of a quarantine: the will of the Alviti brothers to live and create, where iron not only refers to the scarfed and propped plate that gives shape to the sign on the sheet but the metaphor of Cristiano and Patrizio's determination. The will of a strong and powerful statement: while the whole world stops, the two artists produce spaces and images that give the soul freedom to travel and get lost.

Thus, just as the world watches from the windows the passage of time in stillness - without daring to imagine the aftermath - Cristiano and Patrizio create landscapes plates.
The landscape is recreated, through reality and emotion, and it is made visible by colour. The result is an inked paper where it is possible to see the light, a conversation, the air, the lived life, the details, the views, the perspective among the trees and the infinite power of nature. The works are printed with a press, specially self-built by the artists themselves - also known in the art world for being excellent craftsmen.


depuis 23 Novembre 2020 à 6 Décembre 2020
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Web site: 

Dal 23 novembre al 6 dicembre 2020

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