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Claire Fontaine | Pasquarosa | Marinella Senatore


A sort of virtual dialogue on shared themes, albeit analyzed in different ways, which takes the form of a single, large installation: the three artists gathered in the new exhibition project set up on the occasion of the 2020 Art Quadrennial are distant by history, generation and culture but present unexpected and sometimes surprising points of convergence.

What unites them is above all the same sensitivity towards the themes of individual freedom and of women's freedom in particular. Politics, religion, violence, gender differences and the role of women in the social context are at the center of the creative exercise of Claire Fontaine and Marinella Senatore, expressed through a varied set of expressive methods ranging from sculpture to photography, from installations to videos and performances.

Pasquarosa, born in 1896, was also confronted with the same issues but more through her own existence than through the exercise of her profession: she experimented a series of environmental and social circumstances unusual for her time, thus playing an ideal pivotal role in women’s rights movements.


depuis 20 Octobre 2020 à 16 Janvier 2021
POINT (12.485605 41.903554)
06 89168819
Web site:

Temporaneamente sospesa in attuazione delle misure di contenimento anti Covid-19


Dal 20 ottobre 2020 al 16 gennaio 2021
dal martedì al sabato dalle ore 11.00 alle ore 18.00  (ultimo ingresso 17.30)

martedì 20 ottobre - dalle 12.00 alle 20.00

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Claire Fontaine | Pasquarosa | Marinella Senatore, Via Francesco Crispi, 18
Via Francesco Crispi, 18
41° 54' 12.7944" N, 12° 29' 8.178" E

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