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Reactivation of Fontana delle Naiadi

Fontana delle Najadi
from 19 Août 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

After an important restoration work, the splendid Fontana delle Naiadi (The Fountain of the Naiads), located at the center of Piazza della Repubblica, is back in action, allowing people to admire the aquatic show of one of the most beautiful fountains of the city.

The procedure, funded by Dipartimento Simu and executed by Acea, in agreement with Sovrintendenza Capitolina, included cleaning and reactivation of LED lighting and several other works to fix infiltration issues.

Full of anecdotes and curiosities, the Fountain, opened in 1901, depicts the ”Najadi”, water nymphs of lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwaters, accompanied by the sea-god Glaucus clinging to the dolphin, from whose mouth gushes the highest central water jet. This amazing Fountain represents the most important example of Art Nouveau in Rome. 

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Fontana delle Najadi