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Moisai 2022. Contemporary voices in Domus Aurea

Moisai 2022. Voci contemporanee in Domus Aurea-Foto: sito ufficiale del Parco archeologico del Colosseo

The initiative at the Domus Aurea, promoted by the Colosseum Archaeological Park with the artistic direction of PAV, includes nine thematic guided tours, each for one Muse of the Greek myth; In fact, starting from the fragmentary statuary cycle representing the goddesses of the various arts, sculpted for the emperor and kept inside the Domus, each guided tour culminates in the experience of contemporary performing art in the whole of the Octagonal Room.

Each evening a new artist gives voice to a different Muse, in a poetic and fascinating journey that seems to give new life to the Octagonal Room, a real scenic machine built by the architects Severo and Celere, following Nero's utopian project.

The visits are also accompanied by an immersive sound path, expressly designed for the event and the site, in order to lead the visitors gradually into the evocative atmosphere of the shows.

For the complete program visit the website:


desde 23 Septiembre 2022 hasta 9 Octubre 2022
POINT (12.495374 41.890839)
Web site:

Dal 23 settembre al 9 ottobre 2022
Venerdì, sabato e domenica:
- 23 settembre, 24 settembre, 25 settembre
- 30 settembre, 1 ottobre, 2 ottobre
- 7 ottobre, 8 ottobre, 9 ottobre
Ore 17.30

All'interno della Domus Aurea la temperatura è di circa 10 gradi. Si consigliano abbigliamento adeguato e scarpe comode.

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Moisai 2022. Voci contemporanee in Domus Aurea, Via della Domus Aurea, 1
Via della Domus Aurea, 1
41° 53' 27.0204" N, 12° 29' 43.3464" E

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