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Fairs, salons and workshops promoted by Roma Capitale: operators selected as co-exhibitors

desde 3 Junio 2021 hasta 31 Julio 2021

To ensure support for tourism businesses, which were heavily hit by the health and economic crisis, and to improve the city’s competitiveness and attractiveness, the Capitoline Administration has offered tourist operators based in Rome and specialized in incoming activities the possibility to apply, by 6 May, to participate as co-exhibitors in fairs, salons, workshops and all other events promoted by Roma Capitale and organized between June and December 2021, in Italy and abroad.

Based on the applications received, the Administration has drawn up and approved the list of tour operators found to be suitable. During the events, selected operators will be able to distribute promotional material, have at their disposal a workstation for b2b activities with buyers and be included in the exhibitors’ catalogs.

More information can be found on the official page of the Municipality of Rome

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