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Metro Colosseo

To limit the risk of Coronavirus infections, below you can find the guidelines and recommendations for travelling safely  and moving around the city.

As of 1 July 2021, all EU Member States can start using the EU Digital COVID Certificate that facilitates people’s safe free movement in the EU. In Italy, the Certificazione verde COVID 19 is valid as EU Digital COVID Certificate; it might also be requested to take part in public events and to move from/to red or orange areas. Find out more

Remembering that the maximum capacity granted to buses, subways, and trams is 80% of the seats, we invite you to comply with the following provisions during your daily journeys by public transport.

  • Do not use public transport if you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections (fever, cough, cold).
  • Always wear a surgical mask.
  • Where possible, buy tickets electronically, online, or via the app.
  • Follow the signs and routes indicated inside the stations or at stops, always keeping a distance of at least one meter from other people.
  • Use the vehicle access doors as indicated for getting on and off, respecting the interpersonal safety distance of 1 meter.
  • Sit only in permitted places, keeping a distance from the other occupants, where required.
  • Avoid approaching or asking the driver for information.
  • During the trip, clean your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.


  • You must necessarily wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth for the duration of the trip and remember to change it if you travel for more than 4 hours.
  • Frequently sanitize your hands, also using the special dispensers on board the train, and avoid touching your face.
  • Always respect social distance even when sitting in your seat.
  • On Regional trains, it is possible to occupy 80% of all seats for which the train is approved. On Frecce and Intercity, you can only sit in the place assigned to you.
  • The staff uses protection systems for the safety of all on board.
  • Your ticket is verified in contactless mode; prepare it in time and show the code to the conductor.
  • Prepare in time to get off the train, following the indicated route to the exit door. Do not stand near the doors.

For more information:

For the air transport sector, specific containment measures must be observed concerning both the correct use of terminals and aircraft.

  • Always wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth, even for the duration of the trip. For routes longer than four hours, your template must be replaced.
  • Follow the indicated routes inside the airport.
  • Maintain an interpersonal distance of 1 meter onboard aircraft, inside terminals, and all other airport facilities (passenger transport buses).
  • You can waive the interpersonal spacing of 1 meter onboard if the air is renewed every three minutes, the flows are vertical, and HEPA filters are adopted. These precautions allow a very high purification of the air if specific health safety protocols are adopted, which provide for temperature measurement before access to the aircraft and prohibit boarding in the event of temperatures above 37.5 ° C.
  • Sanitize your hands often.

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TAXICABS AND N.C.C. (rental with driver)
To use these services, you must comply with the rules in force:

  • A maximum of two passengers are allowed on the taxi.
  • You cannot sit next to the taxi driver.
  • You must wear a protective mask.

In the presence of two passengers, they must sit on the rear seats, each near a window, and leave the middle seat free, to ensure a safe distance of at least 1 meter from the taxi driver and the other passenger. The advice of the authorities is to take the taxi one at a time and keep the windows open to facilitate the recirculation of air inside the vehicle.

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