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Theatre, Cinema, Exhibition and Talks just a click away

Lupa Capitolina

A rich selection of online appointments for all lovers of theatre, cinema, exhibitions and bits of culture. On the web and social channels, videos, podcasts, live and streaming events are available, to enjoy entertainment and culture, always feeling as sitting in the front row.

  • 3 Decades of dissent: until 13 March 2022, the exclusive exhibition hosted at Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Roma Capitale, curated by Shepard Fairey, becomes virtual on Lieu.City. Thanks to virtual reality, visitors can move between the three floors of the GAM, with a 360° experience, to admire Shepard Fairey's artworks and the contemporary art collection, with descriptions and video contributions.
  • La Galleria Nazionale: on ITsART, works of art, events, installations, video stories, and docuseries of the Museum housing the most complete collection dedicated to Italian and foreign art between the 19th and 21st centuries.
  • The best of Les Etoiles: in streaming on-demand on the ITsART platform, the best and exciting moments of the most awaited dance event in the Capital, with the great stars of ballet in a rich program of virtuosities pirouetting, mainly drawn from the classical repertoire.
  • Women Up: on Google Arts & Culture, 162 stories and more than 16,000 images and videos collected in six years of investigation on feminism among exhibitions, projects, festivals, events, and calls, realized by the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporay Art. Online, the collection of the Gallery, the entire Carla Lonzi Archive, digitized and available for consultation, and the new exhibition Io dico Io - I say I.
  • Gallerie Nazionali di Arte Antica Barberini e Corsini: on the social channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the museum continues its narration.#lacollezione depicts the works in the two museums' collections. The #Lezioniidierbologia tell the story, origins and symbolic meaning of flowers, fruits and plants of the Galleries magnificent paintings.
  • Bernini: available in streaming on-demand on ITsART is a 2018 documentary about the exhibition at Villa Borghese. Through the voice of the protagonists, let's discover the details of the works of art that came from the most prestigious museums in the world for this extraordinary occasion.
  • Museo Nazionale Romano: on the social channels, the museums continues the narration about its four locations and splendid collections, through works of art, fascinating facts and games.
  • Scuderie del Quirinale: on the official website of the Scuderie, a collection of videos of the latest exhibitions, such as "Leonardo da Vinci. Science before science", "Ovid. Love, myths and other stories", "Hiroshige. Visions from Japan", "Picasso. Between Cubism and Classicism: 1915-1925". Among these is "Raffaello 1520-1483 ", accompanied by videos with meetings in Italian, organized by art experts and the virtual visit "A walk in the exhibition".
  • Palazzo delle Esposizioni: On the website and social media, "I piani del Palazzo", a rich online programme that accompanies visitors through the spaces of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The #PdERemix hashtag breathes new life in the exhibitions and meetings in the Cinema Theatre. Each week, you can listen or re-listen  in streaming to the encounters and talks on themes ranging from art to science on the YouTube channel and social media.
  • The Light of Rome: on ITsART, a narration about the Capital in an original way, through art and artists who have left their mark on the history of the city. The story, which starts from the ateliers and runs through some symbolic places of Roman culture, is interpreted by 14 extraordinary artists: Andreco, Gianni Dessì, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Oliviero Rainaldi, Dirk Vogel, Rä di Martino, Marco Tirelli, Pietro Ruffo, Silvia Giambrone , Cesare Pietroiusti, Veronica Montanino, Matteo Basilè, Gian Maria Tosatti and Roberta Coni.
  • Star Walks: streaming on ITsART, two short musical paths in which the wonderful Parco Archeologico del Colosseo meets music. Guests of the first episode, entitled “The Zen Domus, are The Zen Circus. Together with the Tuscan band and their live performance, the protagonists are the Domus Flavia and the Domus Augustana on the Palatine, with breathtaking views of the Circo Massimo valley. In the second video, the Roman singer-songwriter Clavdio, the speaker Pierluigi Ferrantini and the PArCo archaeologist Andrea Schiappelli move along the Palatine Hill, from the remains of the secondary branch of the aqueduct that carried the Aqua Claudia in the imperial palaces, up to the imperial palaces of Tiberius and Claudius, to perform a live session on the terrace of the Horti Farnesiani.
  • The King of Paparazzi - The true story: a film about an extraordinary time, when Rome became the centre of the world for a series of unrepeatable events: the release of Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita"; the 1960 Olympics; the Hollywood Star System that moved its great productions to the Capital, the magic and splendour of via Veneto, seen through the story and the lens of Rino Barillari. In streaming on demand on ITsART.
  • Vis-a-vis with the Bonaparte. Profiles of women to be rediscovered: on the Facebook page and YouTube channel, the Napoleonic Museum dedicates a series of four video-narrations to four fascinating Bonaparte women: Mathilde, Charlotte, Eugenia and Ortensia.
  • Anamorphic Vision: on ITsART, a video that takes us on a night walk along the Lungotevere in Rome to admire the charm of Castel Sant'Angelo. The first of the chapters of Iulian Calugaru's images telling the majestic grandeur of the Capital, accompanied by the author's words of Raffaello Fusaro.
  • MOVIO - Mostre Virtuali Online: available some collections and exhibitions of the Cultural Heritage, national museums and institutions, such as the drawings of the views of Rome by Gaspar Van Wittel of the Central National Library in Rome; the Odescalchi Collection at Palazzo Venezia; The Keepers of books - Portraits and History in a Roman library of the Biblioteca Casanatense; the Gerhard Schwarz's paintings gallery in Veio Park.
  • Mostra di Leonardo: an exciting and entertaining virtual guided visit of the exhibition hosted at Palazzo della Cancelleria, accompanied by an art historian, to immerse yourself into the reproductions of the inventions of the great Genius, with unmissable 3D holograms and videomapping. Info and tickets on the official website.
  • Reactivando Videografias: a project by the Network of Cultural Centers of Spanish Cooperation and the Real Academia de España in Rome displaying a selection of audiovisual works by more than seventy artists from Spain, Italy, and various Latin American countries.
  • Casa del Cinema: a rich calendar of events with the usual programmes dedicated to video interviews with the great cinema protagonists and memories, stories, characters and films of the past.
  • The greats of Italian cinema: streaming on ITsART, auteur's masterpieces in which the Capital is one of the protagonists. Timeless films such as Roma città aperta (Rome Open City) by Roberto Rossellini and Gente di Roma (People of Rome) by Ettore Scola.
  • Macro: the museum continues its approach to the new exhibitions with the Extra section - available on the website - through in-depth analysis on the different sections and the artists in the program, with texts, images, audio and videos, and Dispatch, a podcast conceived for the museum website, with extracts from books, essays, aphorisms, poems, press releases, soundtracks, and short stories. Agorà is instead the discursive engine of the Museum for Preventive Imagination, a program of meetings, conferences, symposia, talks, presentations, interviews and screenings, each time organized according to different formats and irregular basis.
  • Mattatoio: the online activities continue with new episodes of the podcasts Gaia, Luke Jerram's large installation, which has become a place for reflection, and Attraversamenti, to relive the exhibition itinerary of "La sottigliezza delle cose elevate" (The subtlety of elevated things) by Andrea Galvani - together with the researchers involved as performers - the videos in the section Tràccia, and the narration of the project Prender-si cura. Every Thursday, an appointment with Le Storie della Vera Croce by Luigi Presicce: a narration of one of the videos on display, part of a cycle of ten episodes started by the artist in 2012, which today are a single work exhibited in its entirety.
  • Lezioni di letteratura (Literature lessons in Italian): online until 31 December on Auditorium Plus, the works of the great masters narrated in Italian, in 12 streaming events by contemporary writers and intellectuals, with the introduction of Neri Marcorè. Lessons: Corrado Augias - "I promessi sposi" by Alessandro Manzoni; Massimo Cacciari - "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli; Nadia Fusini - "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare; Nicola Lagioia - "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote; Gustavo Zagrebelsky talks with Paolo Di Paolo - "The Karamazov Brothers" by Fëdor Dostoevskij; Sandro Veronesi - "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi; Elena Stancarelli - "Arturo's Island" by Elsa Morante; Chiara Valerio - "To the lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf; Dacia Maraini, with readings by Matilda De Angelis - "The other truth, diary of a Misfit" by Alda Merini; Emanuele Trevi - "The turn of the screw" by Henry James;Valeria Parrella - "Il mare non bagna Napoli" by Anna Maria Ortese; Antonella Lattanzi - "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flabert.
  • KYŌGEN, the crazy theatre of Japan or laugh to resist: the first digital theatrical production of the cultural institution is online on the Youtube channel of the Japan Cultural Institute in Rome. The program includes The Thief of Bonsan (盆 山 Bonsan), The Thief of Kaki (柿 山 伏 Kaki Yamabushi), and Behind the Scenes Tour (楽 屋 ツ ア ー Gakuya tsuaa), to make the Kyōgen farce understandable and enjoyable to the Western public. Universal comic themes: foolish servant, shrewd master, astute monk, thieves and cheats, sake and many animals to emit hilarious noises for dissolving situations and entertain the audience called to take part in the story, imagining the unseen. 

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