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Roma Imperiale - Virtual Reality Bus

A truly moving exhibition on board a 16-seat, silent and environmentally friendly bus that travels through history and along the city streets, from the Imperial Forum to the Colosseum, from the Palatine Hill to the Circus Maximus and the Theater of Marcellus. Conceived by Invisible Cities, a startup created by Arsenal 23 with the support of Linkem, the Virtual Reality Bus offers the public a breathtaking journey among the monuments of the Capital, a time travel to rediscover the original splendor of the ancient Roman masterpieces, which will come to life before our eyes exactly as they appeared 2,000 years ago.

The special “visor free” VR technology guarantees a unique immersive experience: the amazing 3D reconstructions of the buildings, realized by the best visual effects specialists in Italy under the supervision of archaeological curators, will appear on OLED screens over the bus windows, while a system of motorized curtains will allow us to admire the beauties of today and compare them with those of the past. Adding to the multisensory experience are the fragrances of Integra Fragances, diffused on board to evoke the character and identity of some of the historic places along the route.

Thanks to the patented MOVX (with 3 GPS, a three-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, a velocimeter and a surface laser) it is also possible to synchronize the speed and position of the bus in both physical and virtual space, recording and reproducing every movement, curve, pothole or bump.



von 23 Juni 2022 bis 31 Dezember 2022
POINT (12.483114739999 41.895498021827)
Online purchase:
060608 (tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 19.00)
Web site:

Dal lunedì alla domenica 7 giorni su 7
Orari dal 2 ottobre al 31 dicembre 2022:
corse in lingua italiana: ore 10.05; 11.15; 11.50; 16.30; 17.05; 18.15; 19.25 e 20.00
corse in lingua inglese: ore 09.30; 10.40; 17.40; 18.50

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Roma Imperiale - Virtual Reality Bus, Via dei Fori Imperiali
Via dei Fori Imperiali
41° 53' 43.7928" N, 12° 28' 59.214" E

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