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The Race of Miguel 2022

La Corsa di Miguel 2022 ph. La Corsa di Miguel Official Website

The appointment with the exciting road challenge dedicated to the Argentine runner and poet over a distance of 10 km is back. 

Now in its 22nd edition, the event organized by the Club Atletico Centrale was born on 9 January 2000 from an idea of ​​the sports journalist Valerio Piccioni. The race commemorates Miguel Sanchez, a 25 years old boy from Buenos Aires, who was kidnapped for no reason by a paramilitary commando, becoming one of the many Argentine Desaparecidos

The Race of Miguel takes place in the Argentine capital and Bariloche, in Barcelona, ​​the United States and, since 2009, in L’Aquila, and represents an unmissable event for runners and all athletics enthusiasts. It is open to 5,400 athletes - 4,200 competitive and 1,200 non-competitive - with a meeting point at the Stadio dei Marmi, starting from Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz and finishing on the Olympic Stadium track.

The event includes: a competitive running, scheduled on a certified distance of 10,100 meters, open to FIDAL members and sports promotion institutions recognized by CONI, in the junior, promising, senior and master men/women categories, and to Runcard and Runcard Eps with a competitive medical certificate valid for athletics with a deadline after 30 January 2022; a non-competitive running, open to all, which takes place on the same track and at the same time as the competitive one, but does not provide for classification or measurement of the travel time.

Participants need a valid Green Pass, according to the regulations in force at the time, or a rapid antigenic test result carried out within the last 48 hours before the running. 

The event is organized in compliance with all the anti-Covid rules established by the local and national health authorities and the Italian Athletics Federation.

Information and official regulation on:


25 April 2022
POINT (12.4564398 41.9347439)
Online reservation:
331 2294896
Web site:

Nuova data:
unedi 25 aprile 2022

ritrovo ore 7.00 allo Stadio dei Marmi
partenza ore 9.00 da Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz

L’organizzazione si riserva di poter modificare gli orari del raduno e delle partenze dandone tempestiva comunicazione a tutti i partecipanti.

Il traguardo è collocato come sempre sulla pista dello Stadio Olimpico.

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La Corsa di Miguel 2022, Viale dello Stadio dei Marmi
Viale dello Stadio dei Marmi
41° 56' 5.0784" N, 12° 27' 23.184" E

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