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The municipal rose garden is open and free until 13 June

von 2 Mai 2021 bis 14 Juni 2021

Located in Via di Valle Murcia, at the foot of the Aventine Hill, the municipal rose garden houses a botanical collection of over 1100 varieties of roses from all continents, which, as usual, you can visit for free.

This enchanting and unique place in the world offers a magnificent show of blooms and the opportunity to take a walk outdoors, in compliance with anti-COVID measures.

The garden has two areas; Collezione (collection) - whose peculiarity is the paths made in the shape of a menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum, in memory of the ancient Jewish cemetery that stood in this area - and Concorso (contest).

Until May 15, you can walk among the bushes of the botanical collection and its new breathtaking 340 plants. Furthermore, the new totems and lecterns allow you to recognize the many varieties of roses, including the curious Rosa Chinensis Virdiflora with green petals or the Rosa Mutabilis, the flower of which changes color seven times in five days: the budding red becomes orange when opening, then yellow, cream, light pink, deep pink and crimson.

From May 16 to June 13, the area hosting the plants participating in the Premio Roma international competition opens to the public. Since 1933, every year in May, Premio Roma inaugurates the international season of events dedicated to this astonishing flower. A jury awards the best varieties of unpublished roses after following the evolution of their hybrids sent by horticulturalists from all over the world.

The municipal rose garden is open every day from 8.30 to 19.30.

For more information on the collection and the prestigious Premio Roma:

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