Rome awaits you!

For its all its history, it is not easy to get about in Rome’s streets, churches and archaeological sites. However the Eternal City is changing all that and striving to ensure that the magnificent spectacle of its historical and artistic treasures can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

….Which is exactly why the City Council Plan envisages a series of important steps aimed at reducing the problems in getting around the city.

This plan, which is set to become “one hundred percent operative by the end of the year”, is giving top priority to wheelchairs and the disabled in general in queues for monuments and museums; all of which is being made possible thanks to the tourist card Roma Pass, especially fitted buses stopping as close as possible to monuments, to the creation of special itineraries as well as to guides in Braille.

For information and to have an idea about accessible tourist attractions and events in the city for the disabled or people with particular needs, we suggest visiting the website