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Historical shops

Bottega Racconti Romani

There are people and places that have seen Rome change witnessing its evolution for over a century. We are talking about the families owning the so-called Historic Shops of Excellence in Rome, keepers of stories unveiling an unknown Rome and unusual viewing angles, that, like punctuation marks, guide you along the typical tourist itineraries.

These stories deserve to be told. Those who have been and still are their protagonists offer you a glimpse of Rome's most authentic soul, linked to its territory and citizens.

Rome stories, a collective novel, gives them a voice. An appointment every two weeks with a Historical Shop of Excellence to go beyond your tourist guide, and let these shops tell their Rome. You will see not just signs along the road, but lively places with memories and experiences.

Rome stories aims to build an emotional map of the city, to offer and invite you to discover its soul as well as its monuments and to restore travel’s meaning as a relationship and of meeting between people.

Story #1 L.A.R Lampshades since 1938

Story #2 Banchetti Sport

Story #3 Federico Buccellati

Story #4 Forno Pasticceria Angelo Colapicchioni

Story #5 Ditta Leone Limentani

Story#6 Babingtons

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L.A.R. Lampshades since 1938

L.A.R. Paralumi dal 1938
L.A.R. Lampshades since 1938
Botteghe storiche
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Long experience and high quality, handed down from generation to generation

Banchetti sport

Banchetti Sport
Banchetti sport
Botteghe storiche
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Sportswear and design in general, but with that extra touch of elegance

Federico Buccellati

Federico Buccellati - via dei Condotti
Federico Buccellati
Botteghe storiche
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Masterpieces of goldsmith's art, in the name of a historical family tradition and a unique style

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