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Festival Internazionale de L’Architasto: il clavicembalo

Festival Internazionale de L’Architasto: il clavicembalo

Five Sundays dedicated to ancient music, to bring the general public closer to the variety and richness characterizing the forefathers and noble cousins of the piano, today the most famous keyboard instrument. Clavichord, harpsichord, organ, and fortepiano are the protagonists of the “Festival Internazionale de L'Architasto”, born in 2007 to bring back to life the prestigious harpsichord festival that traditionally took place in the city in the distant years.

The slender and delicate timbre of the clavichord, the power and versatility of the harpsichord, the extraordinary organ’s richness and sonorities, and the melodic revolution of the fortepiano, born from the genius of the Italian Bartolomeo Cristoferi in 1711 and loved by Bach and Mozart, conquer the scene in the two venues chosen this year to host the concerts: the eighteenth-century oratorio dell’arciconfraternita dei bergamaschi, and the Sala grande of the monumental Chiesa del Gesù.

With the accompaniment of lutes, leg violets, flutes, and violins, the selection of music takes us magically back in time, in an age when the art of Frescobaldi, Pasquini, Händel, and Scarlatti filled with sounds the churches and Cardinals’ palaces.


from 20 October 2019 to 15 December 2019
POINT (12.4803477 41.9000388)
388 5453353
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dal 20 ottobre al 15 dicembre 2019 alle ore 18.30

cinque appuntamenti:

Domenica 20 ottobre 2019 ore 18.30
Domenica 10 novembre 2019 ore 18.30
Domenica 24 novembre 2019 ore 18.30
Domenica 1 dicembre 2019 ore 18.30
Domenica 15 dicembre 2019 ore 18.30

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Festival Internazionale de L’Architasto: il clavicembalo, Via di Pietra, 70
Via di Pietra, 70
41° 54' 0.1404" N, 12° 28' 49.2528" E

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