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Neapolis Mantra

Neapolis Mantra

Mediterranean, passionate, poetic, evocative, mystical, a meeting of souls and hearts, an alchemy difficult to explain. With these words, Enzo Gragnanello, one of the most loved voices in Naples, presents the show that sees him on stage together with the étoile Emanuela Bianchini and the soloists of the Mvula Sungani Physical Dance, in the work created by the Italian-African director and choreographer Mvula Sungani.

It is an amazing alchemy that “Neapolis Mantra” creates by combining the suggestions of physical dance with the power of the voice of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter and fragments of poetic prose. Inspired by the homonymous album recorded in 1998 by Gragnanello, the work is a love song towards the city of Naples – which like a mother loves and protects her children, despite all its contradictions – but also an opportunity to convey important social messages.

The lyrics, the music, the bodies of the dancers, the lights and the innovative visual effects, with their perfect harmony, open the doors to a dreamlike dimension, evoking stories of women, of mothers and daughters, of beloved, lost, desired companions. Not surprisingly, the show is also a tribute to the 20 years since the publication of the song “Donna”, written by Gragnanello for Mia Martini.

The soundtrack, performed live in acoustic with Piero Gallo on mandolin and Erasmo Petringa on cello, includes the songs that the singer-songwriter wrote for himself and for great performers such as Roberto Murolo, Andrea Bocelli, Dulce Pontes and others, as well as some pieces taken from his latest album, winner of the Tenco award in 2019.


22 February 2020
POINT (12.4751908 41.9291165)
0039 06 80241281
Web site:
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NEAPOLIS MANTRA, Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
41° 55' 44.8212" N, 12° 28' 30.6876" E

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