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Marina Abramovic Bologna 77

Marina Abramovic e Ulay-Bologna 1977

June 1977, Bologna, Galleria d’Arte Moderna: completely naked, standing facing each other, they force the public to enter the museum passing between them. The space is an uncomfortably narrow, it is not possible to go straight, you have to choose which of them to face. They are Marina Abramovic and her partner Ulay, who with the scandalous performance Imponderabilia turn into living doors during the International Performance Week.

The Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Roma Capitale transmits the video-event of that legendary art action, before the police interrupted it.

This performance wanted to test human reaction, forcing people to make a quick choice; hence, the title Imponderabilia.

The conventional sense of uneasiness linked to nudity felt by the 350 visitors who entered the Gallery was directly proportionate to the two artists’ absolute imperturbability. Abramovic and Ulay focused the action on the public, highlighting their reactions, expressions and instincts. Most of those who entered the door decided to turn to Marina Abramovic, explaining their choice in terms of aesthetic pleasantness and of a greater sense of reassurance of the female body than male’s. Many of them imitated the choice of those who had passed immediately before; all of them passed quickly and almost without looking back.

Public and artists become co-protagonists. Thanks to the video, Imponderabilia still manages to bring taboos and cultural and psychological legacies out of human beings. The attention is more on the different reactions of people passing through two "living doors", than on Abramovic and Ulay’s nudity.


from 1 October 2019 to 10 November 2019
POINT (12.485674 41.904062)
POINT (12.4865721 41.9037349)
Web site:

Dall'1 al 10 novembre 2019 
dal martedì alla domenica ore 10.00-18.00 

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Marina Abramovic Bologna 77, Via Francesco Crispi, 24
Via Francesco Crispi, 24
41° 54' 14.6232" N, 12° 29' 8.4264" E
Marina Abramovic Bologna 77, Via Zucchelli, 7
Via Zucchelli, 7
41° 54' 13.446" N, 12° 29' 11.6592" E

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