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Medardo Rosso

Medardo Rosso

The National Roman Museum of Palazzo Altemps hosts the exhibition on Medardo Rosso, one of the greatest masters of Italian Impressionism, with a rich selection of works in wax, plaster and bronze.
The sculptor, esteemed by his contemporary artists such as Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin, influenced also Boccioni, Carrà and Manzù. Far from the idea of a monumental statuary, the artist creates works of small size, often in wax, a material much easier to mold, succeeding in bringing the Impressionism into sculpture. The subjects of everyday life and portraits of children are very common themes; among the most famous works we remember: The Ecce Puer, La Portinaia, The Sick Child, Baby Jew. What emerges from his works is not an objective representation of things, but the plastic restitution of the effect of light and atmosphere with the breakup of the material that follows.
All these aspects can be found in the Roman exhibition that, through a thematic itinerary and some subjects covered by the artist, restores the extraordinary originality of Rosso in experimenting in new ways on different materials.
The exhibition also makes use of the juxtaposition of Medardo's works with some of the masterpieces of the classical world kept in the Museum, in a reading process made even more stimulating and original.
Finally, an interesting section of the exhibition is dedicated to the artist's photographs. From the end of the nineteenth century, photography assumes for Rosso the sense of an autonomous and complete research, a new medium to continue his study on matter and light, now unencumbered by comparison with reality. 



from 9 October 2019 to 2 February 2020
POINT (12.473265 41.9009966)
POINT (12.473265 41.901002)
Web site:

Dal 9 ottobre 2019 al 2 febbraio 2020
dal martedì alla domenica ore 9.00-19.45
Chiuso lunedì, 25 dicembre, 1 gennaio
La biglietteria chiude un'ora prima

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Medardo Rosso, Via di Sant'Apollinare, 46
Via di Sant'Apollinare, 46
41° 54' 3.5892" N, 12° 28' 23.754" E
Medardo Rosso, Via di Sant'Apollinare, 8
Via di Sant'Apollinare, 8
41° 54' 3.6072" N, 12° 28' 23.754" E

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