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La Strada degli Chef

La strada degli chef

Four days dedicated to good food and good Italian and international cuisine, the real 500m long journey into taste and flavours takes place in the historic district of Garbatella

50 chefs, cooks, pizza chefs and restaurateurs from all over Italy are ready to perform in spectacular cooking shows to present their creations ranging from street food to pizza and to traditional dishes.

The event is divided into thematic areas: the typical regional dishes, protagonists of the most important food festivals, like tartufi, porcini mushrooms, grilled meats, amatriciana and cacio e pepe are in Piazza Sant'Eurosia; in Via De Jacobis the "apette" and the food trucks offer a selection of the best street food; the garden of the Garbatella Theater and Piazza Sant'Eurosia are dedicated to the cooking shows and to the performances of the chefs, cooks and pastry chefs to discover ancient recipes and learn the most particular techniques.

Among the chefs behind the stoves of the kitchens specially assembled for the cooking shows: Fabrizia Ventura, Luca Malacrida, Natalino De Santis, Daniela Marciante, Eugenio Moschiano, Marco Graziosi and Roberto Antonelli of the Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani, Alessio Mancini of Myda Grill, Maurizio Guerrazzi from Milan, Francesco Maria Cingolani from Abruzzo, Alessandra Mariani from Eataly, Pietro Felicetti from Gricia Road, Giuseppe Rubano from Tapa Loca, Matteo Rubini from the Bistrot della Pigna of the Vatican Museums.

On the menu, succulent dishes and tasty recipes: the Bombetta pugliese directly from Alberobello; the Palermo arancina of the Antico Forno di Alaimo & Conticello, the Paella by Tapa Loca, the Mexican Tacos by Revolucion of Turin, with its cooks of Mexican origin; the Tonnarelli Bio Cacio and Pepe by New Agriculture, the Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and amaretti by Amor di Pasta, the Tagliolini with black truffle from Avezzano, the grilled Chianina by Myda Grill, the fried mountain pizzas by Setaccio from Frascati, the fried vegetables by Pastella and the gourmet supplìs by Royal Fritti, Bracevia's Abruzzese arrosticini, the fried dumplings by Consorzio Emiliano.

In short, the gastronomic offer is wide and tantalizing. In addition to the traditional recipes, a large section of the event is dedicated to modern cuisine with its unusual but winning innovations and combinations, to  popular cuisine with its "poor" but delicious raw materials, and to the ethnic one, for a gastronomic journey into the flavours and the traditions of the globe.


from 10 October 2019 to 13 October 2019
POINT (12.491046 41.861477)
Web site:

Dal 10 al 13 di ottobre 2019
Giovedì 10 e venerdì 11 ottobre 2019 dalle ore 19.00 alle ore 24.00
Sabato 12 e domenica 13 ottobre dalle ore 11.00 alle ore 24.00

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La Strada degli Chef, Via Giustino De Jacobis
Via Giustino De Jacobis
41° 51' 41.3172" N, 12° 29' 27.7656" E

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