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Chi ha paura del Buio?


Musja, the new Roman space dedicated to the most innovative trends in contemporary art, opens to the public with the first exhibition of a trilogy designed specifically for the museum. The new museum is located in a series of spaces that grew out of the ruins of Pompey’s Theatre: the architectural features from various eras create an ongoing dialogue with the vast twentieth-century collection of the founder Ovidio Jacorossi.

The whole project is titled “The Dark Side” and bears the signature of Danilo Eccher, a former director of important Italian museums, including the MACRO Museum, and known for curating several successful shows. The trilogy of exhibitions will focus on the most powerful and ancient human emotion: fear. The fear of the dark, of loneliness and of passing time will be re-read through the language of art in a three-year-long journey. These are three constant thoughts that place each individual before his inner limits and potential. The common thread is the “dark side” inside each of us, the shadow that follows us silently, populating our dreams and touching the most secret and fragile part of our soul. Fear pulls us towards a dark and threatening dimension which we try in vain to escape. On the contrary, fear demands, first of all, to be faced with awareness. If we manage to accept and control it, fear turns into a powerful ally, a positive force that allows us to cross the darkness. It brings to light the great potentials inside us and enables us to face the challenges that lie ahead. It is said that, sometimes, we are more afraid of a shadow than of what produces it.

The first exhibition of the trilogy features large site-specific installations and large-scale works by famous international artists: different points of view that are combined and intertwined, giving the project a broad and diversified horizon. Famous artists, such as Gregor Schneider, with his often nightmarish installations, Hermann Nitsch, Christian Boltanski and the mystic James Lee Byars, are exhibited alongside the new protagonists of the contemporary art scene and the Italians Gino De Dominicis, Gianni Dessì, Flavio Favelli, Monica Bonvicini. The works, realised for the exhibition or coming from institutions and galleries, as well as from the Jacorossi collection, were selected to reflect on the exhibition’s topic and, at the same time, to bring the public closer to the new contemporary art research. By visiting the exhibition, visitors will be able to analyse their own reactions to sensory and tactile experiences, theatrical and magical visions, anxieties that take different and unexpected forms and then dissolve. During the inauguration of the exhibition and on a monthly basis, an unexpected performance of the “Differenziale Femminile”  group composed of four Roman actresses takes place in the rooms of the museum.


from 9 October 2019 to 1 March 2020
POINT (12.474239 41.895402)
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Dal 9 ottobre 2019 al 1° marzo 2020
aperto da martedì a domenica ore 11.00 - 19.00

lunedì chiuso

Giorni di chiusura 
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Chi ha paura del buio?, Via dei Chiavari, 7/9
Via dei Chiavari, 7/9
41° 53' 43.4472" N, 12° 28' 27.2604" E

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