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La Francia in Scena 2019

La Francia in Scena 2019

Until November 27, 2019, the fifth edition of "La Francia in Scena", the artistic season of the Institut Français Italia, will be staged on the initiative of the French Embassy in Italy, with the support of the Institut Français, of the Ministère de la Culture and the Nuovi Mecenati Foundation.

6 months of shows and events in 21 Italian cities: 7 events for the visual arts, 8 for the circus, 30 of dance and live performances, 42 musical events, 13 theater performances, 9 for the young audience, 109 artistic proposals and 250 replicas.

This year the young emerging French artists who will perform in Italy for the first time will talk about the changing world they are living and of the personal aspects of their path and vision projected in their works. Their creations are the result of amazing forms, intersecting disciplines and knowledge, associated with those of scientists, researchers and philosophers.

The Roman program opens from 20 to 30 May at Teatro India with two creations by Gérard Watkins.

At the Chiostro del Bramante on 7 and 8 June, the young collective (LA) HORDE will be engaged in two evenings of dance, cinema, DJ sets and performances with jumpstyle dancers from all over Europe.

In the enchanting courtyard of Palazzo Farnese, June 20 will be the turn of Radio Live Roma, a show / performance that takes up the format of a radio broadcast.

Casa del Jazz will host Ronan Le Gourierec and Le Peuple Étincelle (8 September), Paolo Damiani, Rosario Giuliani and Michele Rabbia guest Théo Ceccaldi and Javier Girotto together with Eric Séva (9 September), Federica Michisanti Horn Trio, Giampiero Locatelli and Cecilia Sanchietti for the SIAE Award 2019 and Pierrick Pedron Quartet guest Rosario Giuliani (10 September) and the saxophonist François Corneloup (11 September).

On 12 September, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Ada Montellanico Quintet with Michel Godard and La Femme d’à côté will perform excerpts from films by François Truffaut.

The Short Theater festival will host: the Jukebox, created by the director Joris Lacoste (10 and 11 September); Alex Cecchetti's Love Bar performance (5 and 6 September); Ductus Midi by Anne Lise Le Gac with Arthur Chambry (12 and 13 September); ONENESS - Cecilia Bengolea's Party Animal (13 September).

In autumn, with the RomaEuropa Festival, 12 appointments with the great international protagonists of the live show: the theater of Cyril Teste with Isabelle Adjani who re-reads a cinema masterpiece by John Cassavetes and that of Julien Gosselin with a text by Don Delillo. Dance will be represented by Aurélien Bory, Hamdi Dridi, Théo Mercier and Steven Michel, contemporary circus by James Thierrée and music by Blick Bassy, Mayra Andrade, Erik Truffaz, Abdullah Miniawy, Karsten Hochapfel, Peter Corser.

The Ref Kids section of the RomaEuropa Festival will also host a show by Génération Belle Saison, the program of "La Francia in Scena" dedicated to the younger audience: the Parade of the company Les Grandes Personnes on 9 November, at Il Mattatoio (the former Slaughterhouse) and in the streets of the Testaccio district.

A complete and fascinating panorama of a sparkling French scene full of creativity.


from 4 May 2019 to 27 November 2019
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4 maggio - 27 novembre 2019

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