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Mortali Immortali, tesori del Sichuan nell’antica Cina

Mortali Immortali, tesori del Sichuan nell’antica Cina

From 26 March to 18 October 2019, the ancient Shu Chinese civilization meets the millennial history of Rome at Mercati di Traiano, in “Mortali Immortali, tesori del Sichuan nell’antica Cina” (Mortals Immortals, treasures of Sichuan in ancient China) where the origins, Shu culture and rituals are on display with a rich collection of archaeological finds from the most important Chinese museums of the Sichuan Province.

Works in bronze, gold, jade and terracotta, dating from the Bronze Age (II millennium BC) to the Han period (II century AD), to experience an extraordinary journey in the social life and in the spiritual world of the ancient, unique Shu civilization of southwestern China.

As the origins of Rome are linked to the Tiber, so the birth of the Shu people is marked by the flow of the Yangtze, the Blue River, which is also the main theme of the exhibition and is significantly traced on the golden installation inspired by a Chinese dragon welcoming visitors in the central space of the Sala Grande.

This and other scenographic effects, combined with the monumental context of the Mercati di Traiano, will exalt the extraordinary finds protagonists of this wide exposure, among the largest ever in Europe.

Statues and ritual vases, terracotta statuettes and enigmatic bronze masks, 145 works of inestimable value, are also accompanied by digital reconstructions, photos, videos and other interactive tools, useful for the knowledge of the discovery process and the delineation of the temporal development of this ancient Chinese civilization: its genesis, the evolution of its religious and social elements, its natural predisposition to creativity, elegance and beauty found in the decorative elements in gold, in jade works or in unique finds such as horse of Mianyang and the sun of Jinsha.

The objects of common use, the refined containers in lacquered wood, the details portrayed on brick allow the visitor to perceive and witness the high quality achieved by the artisan production during the Han dynasty, and to understand the romantic and optimistic vision of the Shu people concerning to the themes of life and death, a typical attitude of a population that is not only rich, but also deeply peaceful.

The exhibition project will be divided into two sectionswith as many themes enclosed in a suggestive overview: the religious culture of the state of Shu and the daily life of the Shu people. In the first one the focus is on the spiritual world telling the rites of a people dedicated to the worship of the Sun through the bronze masks coming from the excavations of the Sanxingdui site. In the second section, instead, the commercial plots developed in the Sichuan area are reconstructed through brick reliefs of the Han dynasty, human figures and ceramic animal figurines.

Among all the works on display, exceptionally exhibited for the first time in Italy, two masks and a bronze head of Sanxingdui stand out in particular, one of the masks differing from all the masks found so far on the site due to the more delicate face and the veiled smile.


from 26 March 2019 to 18 October 2019
POINT (12.4860984 41.8962514)
Web site:

Dal 26 marzo al 18 ottobre 2019
Tutti i giorni 9.30 - 19.30 (la biglietteria chiude un’ora prima)
Chiuso il 1° maggio 

N.B. Per eventuali aperture e/o chiusure straordinarie consultare la pagina dedicata agli avvisi

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Mortali Immortali, tesori del Sichuan nell’antica Cina, Via Quattro Novembre, 94
Via Quattro Novembre, 94
41° 53' 46.5036" N, 12° 29' 9.9528" E

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