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Caleidoscopio. Cinema at Villa Borghese

Caleidoscopio. Rinasce il Cinema a Villa Borghese

The big screen of the Ettore Scola Theater - the outdoor arena of the Casa del Cinema under the pines of Villa Borghese - hosts the new season of Caleidoscopio, dedicated to two unique talents of our cinema Peter Del Monte and Valentina Zucco Pedicini.

For three months, the great cinema awaits you with screenings, international festivals, thematic cycles, concert evenings, and event evenings with free admission and in complete safety.

Thanks to the collaboration with embassies, cultural institutes, associations, Caleidoscopio offers the best of world cinema: from India to Germany, from Albania to Lithuania, from Bulgaria to Africa, to Ireland and Slovenia, all the cultures of cinemas show directors, performers, and stories to be savored as original dishes rich in flavours.

Casa del Cinema joins the Notti Bianche of Cinema celebrating the unique talent of Paolo Villaggio, dedicating a party to Silvano Agosti and his Azzurro Scipioni, hosting the traditional Pellicola d'Oro, and performing three concerts for Rome and the history of cinema.

Caleidoscopio honors the creativity and art of women with a special program, tells the transformation of the male film imagery on the occasion of the Ciao Maschio exhibition at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome, presents a series of funny comedies and a journey into the imagination of the Middle Ages as told by great directors such as Avati, Monicelli, and Pasolini.

Caleidoscopio also dedicates a special review to the world of classical opera and dance, consisting of the "popular trilogy" by Giuseppe Verdi, a documentary on the Teatro alla Scala, and one on Roberto Bolle.

An eight-film review celebrates the absolute protagonist of this season, Nino Manfredi, whose birth centenary occurs this year.

Entrance to Caleidoscopio is free upon reservation at the concierge from 90 minutes before the start of the evening (until all available seats are booked).

Until July, the screen lights up at 9 pm or, on some evenings, at 9.30 pm. In the second part of the summer, the starting time is always at 9 pm.

Foreign films are screened with Italian subtitles.

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from 21 June 2021 to 19 September 2021

Prenotazione obbligatoria presso la portineria della Casa del Cinema 1 ora e 1/2 prima dell’inizio della serata fino ad esaurimento dei posti disponibili
Accesso ai posti a sedere consentito mezz’ora prima dell’inizio della serata

Attenzione: per alcune rassegne speciali la modalità di prenotazione è direttamente sul sito specifico.
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