Nearly two thousand years have passed since gladiatorial combats, naval battles and animal fights took place within the Colosseum.

The 100-day games which took place in 80 AD will be recreated in the immersive spectacle Sangue e Arena using lights, sounds, music and holograms that are projected in the arena. In English and Italian, the show runs until October 27, with three performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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from 12-5-2018 to 27-10-2018

See Colosseo - Anfiteatro Flavio


Piazza del Colosseo

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From 12 May to 27 October 2018
every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
three performances lasting 30 minutes
performance at 21.30 / 22.30 / 23.30

Show in Italian and English not recommended for children under 6 years


reservations recommended

Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office the same evening of the event only by credit card (subject to availability)


12-5-2018 to 27-10-2018