A rich collection of testimonies of traditional Italian culture from the sixteenth to the twentieth century: about 700 regional costumes, over 4000 jewelry and amulets of traditional jewelry, more than 6000 wooden artefacts including tools and folk crafts, about 5000 pottery, in prevalence from Sicily, South Tyrolean and Sicilian stained glass, signs and equipment of peddlers, a rich collection of horns and carved pumpkins from various sources, several Italian nativity scenes, such as the Neapolitan of 700, more than 9000 prints and drawings.

The museum is divided into four thematic areas: housing, clothing, employment, transportation, human life cycle and the year with the ceremonies, popular religion, the street parties and traditional musical instruments, and it is enriched by an interesting audio-visual, photographic and sound documentation.

Is worth enjoy your time even for observing the building that houses the museum, designed by architects Castellazzi, Morresi, Vitellozzi, presents a rich mosaic, created by Enrico Prampolini outside and inside by artists Amato, Barillà, Barrera, Bertoletti, Cascella, Cavalli, Colao, Guberti, Varagnolo.


Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 8


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Photographic Archive


Tuesday-Sunday: 8.00 am - 7.00 pm
Closed: Monday, January 1, December 25
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