Before listening to the information about the Literary Park that is set in the seaplane base area dedicated to the writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, we should open a brief parenthesis to know what ‘literary parks’ are.


Well, according to the definition given by those who manage them, the society ‘Paesaggio Culturale Italiano Srl’ (‘Italian Cultural landscape Ltd.’), literary parks are “part of the territory characterized by different combinations of natural and human elements that illustrate the evolution of the local communities through literature. The places themselves communicate the feelings that inspired the work of many authors; the parks intend to revive these places for the visitor by realizing interventions intended to remember the authors, their inspiration and their creativity through the enhancement of the environment, the history and the traditions of the people living in that place


. The first park was created in 1994 with a Decree of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, following the request from the family of the writer Ippolito Nievo, that wished to preserve the writer’s memory by dedicating a park to him.


The literary Park ‘Pier Paolo Pasolini’ is inside the LIPU Mediterranean Habitat Center of Ostia, near the place where the night of November 2, 1975 the writer was killed. In that period, it was an abandoned field in a degraded area of the seaplane base, today the garden is completely fenced and included in a nature trail. The central element is the monument in memory of Pasolini, realized by the sculptor Mario Rosati, who describes his creation as “a vertical trunk in travertine marble, symbolizing a broken life. Around it, two doves spread their wings as a sign of freedom and a full moon overhangs the group”.