From December 14th 2018 to April 7th 2019 – Crypta Balbi/Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

At Crypta Balbi and Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, until April 7, 2019, the exhibition “Il Classico si fa Pop. Di scavi, copie e altri pasticci” (”Classic becomes Pop. Of excavations, copies and other messes”), comes from the discovery, in 2010 in the Monti district, of Giovanni Trevisan’s atelier (1735-1803). He was also known as Volpato and invented the classic themed souvenir. The exhibit tells about tastes, shapes and fashions of the ancient, from the classical age to our days, passing through the Grand Tour season, an era in which those who arrived in the Eternal City tried to form a collection of antiquities to display their status of intellectual refinement.

The exposition, with projections and lights and shadows show, multiplies and scans, accentuates forms, grafts, imitations and transformations by narrating the artistic history of Volpato and his ceramics factory.
The title of the exhibition summarizes the popularization of the classical art of Volpato manufacturing and alludes to the seriality of Pop Art, which becomes the key to the reading of artistic production in the Greek and Roman world.

Famous artist and engraver, Volpato produced refined and elegant products for a cultured and elite public, eager to possess both original Roman and small replicas.

Characteristic of the Volpato laboratory is the creation of precious all-round statuettes in biscuit, a material that looked more like marble, making objects closer to the originals of the Roman age.

Together with the works of Volpato, the exhibition does not neglect other fashion productions at the time of the Grand Tour. In particular micromosaic objects and furnishings with views of Roman monuments.

The very particular story of this ancient entrepreneur also highlights his lucrative sales, falsification and restoration of ancient marbles, but above all in the creation of copies: a vast production considered a testimony of culture and taste to exhibit.

With a light-hearted eye we get to the contemporary where the souvenir from luxury object and representation of a cultural message and a status symbol ends up becoming a cheesy and kitsch item, a very low quality merchandise, sold to the tourists of our time.

from 14-12-2018 to 7-4-2019

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14-12-2018 to 7-4-2019