From October 3rd 2018 to May 5th 2019

For the ninetieth anniversary of Andy Warhol’s birth, Complesso del Vittoriano shows his true essence with over 170 works that symbolize the extraordinary life of one of the most acclaimed artists in contemporary arts.

The exposition starts from the origins of Pop Art in 1962, when the genius from Pittsburgh began using screen printing to create the Campbell’s Soup series, simple canned soups taken from supermarkets and made iconic artworks, just the starting point of a successful sequence that includes Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Coca-Cola.

The exhibition puts together mind and soul of a character who has transformed for good the meaning of arts, as well as music, cinema and fashion, and had a strong impact on any previous aesthetic definition.

from 3-10-2018 to 5-5-2019

See Complesso del Vittoriano (Ala Brasini)


Via di San Pietro in Carcere

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22 march open from 1.30pm


3-10-2018 to 5-5-2019