Parco degli Acquedotti

The Parco degli Acquedotti is a public park that is part of the Appian Way Regional [...]

Villa d’Este

Renowned especially for its gardens, Villa D’Este, a fine example of Renaissance architecture, has been declared [...]

Parco delle Tombe di via Latina

Located just after the junction between the Via Appia Nuova and Via dell’Arco Travertino, it include [...]

Parco Torre del Fiscale

The park gets its name from a well-preserved medieval tower, the Torre del Fiscale (XII-XIII A.D.). [...]

Acquedotto Felice

Built between 1585 and 1587 on the orders of Pope Sixtus V, the aqueduct is still [...]

Valley of the Caffarella

An integral part of the Park of the Appia Antica, it provides the its main entry. [...]

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens fill about two thirds of the surface of Vatican City. It is a place [...]

Villa Ada

Villa Ada is the richest park in Rome from the standpoint of the fauna and the [...]

Villa Torlonia

Not to be missed is a walk in Villa Torlonia, about two kilometres from Porta Pia. [...]

Villa Pamphili

Truly a boundless park, a bit further away from the centre, is Villa Pamphili: the area [...]

Villa Celimontana

The Renaissance structure inside the Celio Park is an oasis between the Colosseum and the Terme [...]

Botanic Gardens

Lying between the Janiculum hill and the Tiber, with its 12 hectares of parkland and around [...]

The Savello Park and Garden of Oranges

In the fourteenth century, the Savelli Family built its castle on the Aventino Hill, thereby making [...]

Villa Borghese

So we start off from the Pincio (Pincian Gardens), overlooking Piazza del Popolo. Here, wooden or [...]

The Rose Garden

The gates to one of Rome’s most romantic gardens are open in spring at the foot [...]