History of bathing and foundation of the establiments

Bathing, a practice that started to spread in the modern age, is the result of the [...]

The seaplane base

The seaplane base, defined by Pier Paolo Pasolini “a place of feverish newness”, looks like an [...]

The State Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast

At the end of the ‘70s some national and local associations decided to found the Park [...]

The salterns

A few steps from the archaeological site of Ostia Antica, along the Tiber up towards Rome, [...]

The port

The history of the area as a port city has ancient origins; its sense and significance [...]

History of the drainage

The coast often evokes images related to the sea, sun and fun. Few know the history [...]

Spas and wellness

The culture of water has very ancient origins. Before being identified with bathing, it was connected [...]

The presidential estate of Castelporziano

The presidential estate of Castelporziano was founded as an agricultural and hunting reserve. Since 1977, hunting [...]

The shallows of Tor Paterno

Not far from the coast, approximately at the ‘Pineta di Castel Fusano’, there is the Marine [...]

The coastal dunes

Along the Roman coast we can see the dune ecosystem, rarer and rarer along the coasts [...]

The Fishermen village

The foundation of the Fishermen Village, called ‘Borghetto Pescatori’, dates back to 1890, when some fishermen [...]

The Port of Rome

The Port of Rome, in use for centuries until the fall of the Roman Empire, was [...]

Rome’s Seaside

Any mention of Rome’s sea and thoughts immediately turn to Ostia, a seaside resort built in [...]


When the heat becomes unbearable, many take the opportunity to go to the beach, and say [...]