Students from around the world, unite!

Rome is the capital of beauty, culture and home to one of the most beautiful languages on the planet, Italian. This is the reason why many students opt for a shorter or longer stay in the city to attend courses on Italian language and culture.

One of the most prestigious schools is the Dante Alighieri, a society that was established in 1889, organising Italian language courses for foreigners and courses in culture. All their courses set a high standard and fully meet the requirements of those attending.

Rome also houses some of the most valuable archives in the country. The National Library  affords visitors the opportunity to consult books, newspapers and documents and take part in training courses, seminars, internships and volunteer programmes.

There are also several private schools offering Italian language courses for foreigners and a multitude of cultural events organised to help fully appreciate the city.

Finally the exhibitions, shows, shopping, typical and local restaurants not only help students enjoy themselves, but also create a unique link with our culture.