famigliaRome is so unique and amazing that it is worth visiting all together as adults and children. Children are somewhat special travel companions in our itinerary for exploring the city, and with whom you can share special experiences and all the excitement.

And perhaps through their eyes, their remarks and questions, you will also begin to see the various places and monuments differently, as you never could have imagined before! The whole city becomes a route for an unusual treasure hunt: just ask the children to look for hidden clues, discover animals made of stone or run a competition to see who recognises the most monuments.

Even walking the route can become a small adventure for children that are accustomed to being driven everywhere, especially when there are gladiators waiting to see them at the end of the route at the Colosseum or the Mouth of Truth [“Bocca della Verità’]!

Rome for children

Rome offers numerous attractions for its young visitors.
The youngest children can take part in the colourful workshops that toy library Casina di Raffaello ‒ immersed in the greenery of Villa Borghese Park ‒ organizes on the theme of the exhibitions held there or those at Explora Children’s Museum at 80 Via Flaminia.

For older children, the Technotown toy library is achieving resounding success with its ‘special effects’ and ‘interactive floors’.

In fine weather it is worth talking a stroll in the Bioparco, and also taking the opportunity to visit the nearby Civic Museum of Zoology.

If, on the other hand, you wish to delight your children with marionettes, hand puppets or plays, Teatro Verde or Teatro Stabile with the “San Carlino” hand puppets are not-to-be-missed.

LunEur is the largest amusement park in Rome and the oldest in Italy, dating back to 1953. The park reopened in 2016 and offers many activities.

Augustus, Welcome To Rome is a new multimedia space where you can live a unique experience: to dive into 2700 years of history of the Eternal City. Through an exciting “time machine” you will be able to go through the fundamental stages that have brought Rome to become the city we know today. Spectacular video projections on the walls, ceiling and floor accompanied by a narrative voice.

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